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The desk is MINE

I have finally moved onto my own desk!

Over the last week I’ve spent quite some time plastering, sanding, washing, undercoating and painting so that the TV could finally go on the wall. It’s coming along nicely, and as a result, I have finally moved into my standing desk. At present, it’s a work in progress because I still have to finish painting/wallpapering the walls of the lounge – but for now, I am just enjoying the fact I have some space that’s mine, that I don’t have to pack up and move anytime baking/cooking needs to happen. I can actually just have my stuff set up, all the time. YAY!!!

So, here are a couple of pics!! In the end, the wall to the right will be a dove grey (very tranquil), and the wall in front of me will be this crazy coo lime green wallpaper with silver strips in it. If you’re making a face right now, I understand. I did the same thing not just the first time I heard the description, but also the first time I saw it. But I love it now, and can’t wait until it’s adorning the wall. I love that with my headphones on, and just one side open and I can *pretend* I am alone even though there are more than likely three children in the room with me watching a doco or drawing or playing.

Right, pics…

WP_20140209_001I am working on getting a proper mat, but a towel does the job for now. Seeing as I don’t wear shoes, it helps my feet out a little. There is SO much room to fit things inside, and while I haven’t loaded it all in yet due to needing to move the cabinet to finish the walls, it will happen soon enough! I loved this unit since the moment I laid eyes on it, and am so pleased it’s finally all mine. I love that I can shut away my stuff – that it’s easy for me to access, but out of sight of the kids so they don’t feel the urge to touch it.

WP_20140209_002And, I love that the space on top is big enough that I can push back my laptop and use pen and paper! Which is really handy when I am plotting stuff or making notes/plans by hand and am also chatting to a friend about said plot changes. Loving the flexibility. Of course, I can put the laptop in the cupboard should I need even more space and that’s kick ass as well.


I just want to hug my desk. I’m so freaking happy right now 🙂


7 thoughts on “The desk is MINE”

  1. It looks seriously great – perfect little writer’s sanctuary!
    And the whole wall thing? It’s gonna look fecking epic! I can’t wait to see what it looks like when you finish the room!

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