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Work in Progress – of the DIY kind

This is one of the kids photos, because I always forget to take 'before' pics. it was the best I could find (excuse the mess...)
This is one of the kids photos, because I always forget to take ‘before’ pics. it was the best I could find (excuse the mess…)

It’s no secret that I am constantly trying to reclaim my household from chaos. It’s also no secret that I’m a busy gal and things never happen as fast as I might like.

We have an older house. 1950’s. It hasn’t been renovated in probably 20 years, and boy oh boy, it needs it. I quite often have several projects on the go, but I’ve finally got to the point where I think the house is more done, than undone (well, as long as you don’t count the bathroom/laundry!).

This past week I’ve been terribly pleased because I have finally eradicated three of the four terracotta walls in the living room. The colour has been annoying me for the five years we’ve lived here, and after painting some walls in our room a nice dove grey, the terracotta was literally making me angry every time I looked at it.


So now it’s grey too, and there is just one final wall waiting to be papered.

I’m in love, and staring at my beautiful, clean, calming walls, does wonders for my brain. The room seems bigger, and taller and I love it. Don’t worry though, the room is not going to be a ‘white box’. We have some amazing lime green and silver wallpaper for the last wall 😉 I can finally relax a little bit – not too much though, or that wallpaper will never make it on the wall.

Actually, I have the same trouble with novels as I do with renovations – those last little bits are the hardest. I’m just a few chapters off being finished my edits but I can’t seem to get them done. The finishing touches always seem to take me the longest to get to, and then when I do, they are over so fast that I have to wonder what took me so long in the first place!

Hopefully the wallpapering, and the editing, will come together around the same time and I can tick a couple more things off my list in the very near future.

Have you got any ongoing projects at the moment?


3 thoughts on “Work in Progress – of the DIY kind”

  1. Most of my projects are on hold until the end of the year, but that’s okay. 🙂 I’m learning a ton about marketing and web sites and all the little bits and pieces of publishing. Good for you on getting the walls done, especially when the results are soothing and making you happy. 🙂 What does the wallpaper look like?

    1. I’ll post a pic when it’s up on the wall – really hard to describe! It’s a lime green base, with stripes of various sizes and lengths in a metallic silver (so it’s reflective). Kind of crazy, but it’s really grown on me. Hopefully it looks as good up as I imagine it will! lol
      Sometimes the marketing and learning side of publishing is a lot harder and more time consuming than the actual writing, but it has to be done right? Good luck!

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