Friday I’m in love

WP_000385I’ve never really cared for Fridays.

I know, that’s not something many people would say, but I used to be a lover of Mondays – when school and work went back, and I could get some writing done. Not anymore, of course. The house is filled with noise and movement every single day of the week, so it’s not surprisingly that Friday blends into the rest of them. I can celebrate it for others, knowing it means they get to stop work and enjoy time off.

But, now that my mother has the girls every other Friday morning, I’ve fallen in love again – and not just because I get a whole three hours to myself. No. In order to combat any housewifely urges during my time off I’ve begun to make a detailed list of all the things I should try and get done BEFORE I drop the kids off. That way when I get home I can do the things I really want/need to do. Like write, or study, or, you know, play games*.

It’s actually working really well for me, and I should probably extend this to every day of the week. I’ve always believed that starting the day by ticking stuff off a list is a great way to continue ticking things off a list. Success breeds success and all that – sometimes it’s just really hard to get motivated.

Hopefully, this will become a more regular thing though, because you know what? I feel pretty awesome right now. Seeing all those things ticked off – no matter how small – makes me smile and believe that tomorrow can also be a good day.


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