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Time Out

time-outThe last few weeks have been pretty tough in some ways – I’ve had time to do writing things, but not the energy or the creative drive. It’s a strange place to find myself in after all the (writing) hustle and bustle of the last few months, and while I truly wish I was writing/editing/etc. I’m just not, not really.

At first I thought it was down to lacking a plan. So I made a plan. A really good one.

And then I thought maybe it was impending study that was stressing me out. So I got new highlighters, did some forward reading and got my desk all in place so that I could have a place to keep all my stuff handy.

Neither of these thing was the real issue, though they have been in the past. This time it was more personal, something dearer to me than even writing.

One of my daughters.

I don’t really blog about the family that much here, but some of you will know that she has ADHD along with some other as yet unnamed/undetermined things. Well, actually, her psychologist has called her baffling, and pretty much said she could fit under any number of labels, multiple labels.

We’ve recently decided to give medication another go and I am really struggling with this. I hated going to the Doctors to get the referral, I cried when I got the call from her psychologist. I cried during our meeting (it was just him and I, don’t worry! lol I have no desire to stress my daughter out – which is probably part of the struggle. I have all these feelings, and I have to keep them locked down while she’s around, and because we home school she is always around). I had managed to pull myself together before we saw the psychiatrist, and then steeled myself to give her the first dose.

It’s been an interesting time, watching the changes in her – and I am watching all the time. Wondering if her changes in mood are due to medication, or just her nature. Trying to decipher what is her personality, and what is part of her ADHD. And to be honest, I’ve been really surprised by what is being altered by the meds. Totally not what I expected (but good, if short lived). We’re still working on trying to find the right dosage, but we can already see that something longer acting is in order, and that will be my first call on Monday morning.

I’m kind of tapped out. It’s a little exhausting being hyper aware of what’s happening with my daughter, especially when it changes so often. I only want the best for her, which is why we’re giving this another shot, and she’s a willing participant which goes some way to ease my worries. I keep reminding myself that eventually we’ll have everything sorted (well as much as it can be), but there is no set date at which that will happen, it’s just a hazy point in the future and I wish there was a little more certainty around it all.

And so, I am not writing. In fact, I pretty much took the day off life and played computer games, because sometimes, that’s just what you’ve gotta do.


5 thoughts on “Time Out”

  1. Sometimes, despite our best intentions, life just gets in the way – and this is a pretty big thing you’re dealing with, so I’m not surprised that it’s weighing on your mind more than words are right now. Limbo sucks, but you’ll get through it, and you’ll get writing again, I know it. I’m glad you took the day off from the world. We all need a chill day now and then.

    (Apologies if this posts 3 times. I tried to use the wordpress app on my phone & it crashed….)

    1. It only posted once, so you’re good 🙂

      Chill out days are very much a needed thing – I probably need more than one, but it will tide me over for now! I know this will pass, I just wish it would do so faster. Thanks Grace.

  2. I had a student with ADHD (amongst other things) and was on meds for it. His parents would keep us updated with changes in these – whether changing the actual medication, or changing the dosage), and it was really apparent in his behaviour. They ended up settling on one that seemed to work, but a very low dosage, partly because we had suggested we’d rather have to deal with attention deficiency & hyper-activity than almost robotic-like focus.

    There’s such a fine line between what’s personality, and what’s ADHD, and so many things probably come under both. Keep on keeping on – from everything I’ve read, she’s got great parenting and a fantastic education. Kudos to you and stay strong xx

    1. Aw, thanks, Zee. I really appreciate that.
      I’m with you on that I would rather the other stuff than the robotic focus. Actually, it’s been impossible to get her to focus on any school type work while she’s on the meds so far (I’m not pushing hard while we all adjust), so she’s been playing most mornings and doing school work after lunch – which is actually fine, if we can find a way to ease the withdrawal off so she doesn’t slump into a depressed state. Hoping that the longer lasting ones might help with that, and as long as she is happy to keep trying things out, we’ll keep on doing this.

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