I spotted a new PledgeMe campaign – from my cousin! (the writer – Lex) – seeking funding for a noir webseries. Looks like it could be worth a watch. Have a read and help a cousin out? Cheers!
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UI2IncqjX0]

Reggie’s Case Files is a webseries which follows the mildly psychotic private investigator who thinks he’s in a classic noir thriller. We will follow him on his cases, ranging from domestic drama to in-depth character profiling, as he verbally narrates his life and belittles the people he encounters. We will explore classic noir tropes such as femme fatales, corrupt officials, and mysterious missing persons cases. The content will draw humour from people’s angry and sometimes violent reactions to his unfiltered stream of consciousness.
Pirate vs. Cowboy Productions is a Wellington based team consisting of Director Jonno, Writer Lex, and Cinematographer Jesse. We have over a decade of experience in visual storytelling, including short films, documentaries, theatre, and so on. We’re creative, imaginative, skilled, and resourceful. We just need a small amount of financing to fully realize this project.