The shortlist for this years Sir Julius Vogel Awards has been released (see here). There are so many awesome writers on that list that I know personally, and I think for the first time ever I’ve read over half of the fiction on there. If you’re looking for good kiwi speculative fiction, that list is a great starting point 🙂
Attending the awards last year was a real highlight for me. Getting to cheer people as they went up to the stage, and enjoying some wine and laughter with new and old friends.
I know from experience that it’s a real thrill to be nominated, and an even bigger one to actually win an award. The SJV that Andi and I won for our work on Tales for Canterbury still takes pride of place in my room. Hopefully one day I’ll make the list for something of my own – I am thrilled that this year Andi has her wonderful novella This Other World (which can be found in the Winter Well anthology from Crossed Genres) on the list!! I remember reading the story for critique and telling her she’d get into the finals with it.
I’m in some ways pleased that I won’t be at Con this year and have the responsibility of voting as there is more than one category where I’d be hard pressed to pick just one. So congrats to everyone who made it onto the list, and good luck!! Looking forward to seeing how the people vote later in April.