I’ve been reading a few web comics this week – not something I normally have time for, but I came across Blindsprings and really liked the idea of a ‘princess’ who didn’t want to be ‘rescued’. Which led me to stumbling across Namesakes, which is pretty intriguing as well. I love the idea of there being multiple ‘Dorothy’s who come to Oz to conquer evil.
Blindsprings is

an all ages comic, featuring magic, secret societies and hidden gateways to fantastic places. The comic should appeal to anyone who loves Ghibli or Disney animated movies!

Here is the Blurb from Namesakes:

Namesake is the story of Emma Crewe, a woman who discovers she can visit other worlds. She finds out that these are places she already knows – fantasy and fairy lands made famous through the spoken word, literature and cinema. Her power as a Namesake forces her to act as a protagonist in these familiar stories as she figures out how to get home.
But as she travels, she discovers that those controlling her story have their own selfish goals in mind – and her fate is the key to everyone’s happy ending.
Join Emma, her sister Elaine and their friends as they tumble down the rabbit hole.
If you like, adventure, humor, stories of friendship, fairy tales and fantasy, this is the webcomic for you.

Definitely worth checking out!