Nine Inch Nails, finally

I have been been a Nine Inch Nails fan from my early teens, and tomorrow night I am FINALLY going to see them live. I’m literally buzzing with excitement and cannot wait for it to be time.

I thought this would never happen. I mean, we do get a reasonable range of acts here in New Zealand, but I didn’t think NIN would be coming. As soon as I heard the news I suggested to Hubby that we get tickets and forget about Xmas and birthday presents. I *may* have said that if I didn’t get to go a little piece of me would die…

He’s equally pleased to be seeing Queens of the Stone Age. I saw them one year at the Big Day Out, and despite issues with their amps they played on and did an amazing job of keeping the audience pumped.

I can’t wait. I have excitement shakes.



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