Well, we’re back from our quick trip to Auckland. It was an intense 51 hours (LOL! can’t believe it was only that long), and we’re all exhausted as a result, but it was SO worth it.
It was great to see my Dad, stepmum and brother, and some old family friends as well (we got lucky and bumped into some at the zoo!), but the real intent of the trip was to see Nine Inch Nails.
We got to the venue almost an hour before the doors opened and split a Moroccan lamb burger between us. I was so excited, I think my insides were vibrating and I couldn’t stop bouncing up and down and grinning.
countdownFinally, we got inside, then had to wait for it all to kick off. The first act was Brody Dalle, whose work I’d never heard before. She was pretty good, though I confess to being so focused on the rest of the show that her act passed in a blur. I liked some of the songs, but others all seemed to blend in together – possibly just because I’m not familiar with them.
And then it happened. A massive 60 popped up on the screen and counted down!!!! There was to be a coin toss at the start of the night to determine who came on stage first, and this was the great reveal.
qotsaAnd Queens of the Stone Age won. Initially I had wanted NIN to be on first, I was that desperate to see them, but, once QotSA started, I was fine about the way the coin fell. They always put on a good performance, and I enjoyed hearing some of their new stuff as well as older songs. The art in the background was pretty trippy too and when I wasn’t moshing, I was staring at it while letting the music wash over me. Even my nostrils were vibrating, it was pretty awesome. Hubby was pretty pumped that they were on (he said they would be, by looking at the set up, so props to him!) and I loved seeing him having so much fun too. It’s been 6+ years since we went to a concert.
rockonAnd then finally, after a 30 min intermission for the gear/stage changes, Nine Inch Nails came on. I teared up when I laid eyes on Trent Reznor, who is just such an amazing musician. OMG. I SAW HIM LIVE. HE WAS ONLY ABOUT 8 METRES AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!! The music was thumping and it was an epic performance. You can see the set list here. The band were great, and Trent was like this powerful, barely restrained creature, prowling the stage and singing with so much intensity that it blew me away. Seriously amazing. He was giving it 100%, you could see, totally focused on his performance.
htdaAbout 1/3rd of the way Mariqueen Mandig joined them on stage and they performed a couple of songs by How to Destroy Angels. She’s got a stunning voice and I enjoyed Ice Age more as a live song than recorded. There were some awesome spotlights reaching slowly out into the audience, touching the crowd as though they might lift them to heaven. Beautiful. (this video captures it pretty well).
And then it was back into it with Wish, The Hand that Feeds, Head Like a Hole, and then finally Hurt.
I cried, I just couldn’t help myself. This concert blew my mind and my ears (they are literally still ringing). I never thought I would get to see NIN live, and I did, I was there and they were playing Hurt and it was amazing.
It’s really difficult to get into words how much going to this concert meant to me. I will always treasure the night, and I don’t care that my phone camera is rubbish because the pics cannot truly pass along the experience. No image, no 1000 words, could. Every time I hear a NIN song I’ll be transported back to this concert and the way it felt to be there experiencing it.