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Writing Process Blog Hop

So I was tagged by the lovely Zee Southcombe for a blog hop about writing processes. Naturally, I thought, why not?

The rules are:  Answer the four questions below, link back to the person who invited you, and name the people who will be posting the following Monday.

The questions are fairly straightforward, so, let’s get on with it huh?

What am I working on?

Gosh, what am I not working on?? I’m tidying up some last minute edits on a novel at the moment, as well as trying to plan out my next small project which should keep me busy during April. Aside from that there is a lot of broader planning going on for future works and assignments for my post grad papers.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

For my science fiction work I’d say what’s different is the underlying sense of discomfort/unease (or creepiness as several of my writer friends like to say; I write creepy), juxtaposed with unique characters and strong relationship themes. Not specifically romantic, but all kinds of relationships (family and friends as well as lovers).

And for my paranormal romance works, it would have to be the small town NZ vibe. I feel like the works are very ‘kiwi’ and I love that about them. It’s given me the opportunity to tap into my Maori heritage, as well as my experiences growing up in a small rural town. The series is a lot of fun, but also sexy and edgy (despite being set in the wop wops!).

Why do I write what I write?

I only write things that I can get excited about. If a story is invading parts of my day that it shouldn’t, or hits me in those moments between sleeping and waking, or if I am wondering how something will end, then I want to write it. I’ve had times before where I’ve been like ‘now, what was that book I was reading? I really want to finish it’ only to realize it was my hypothetical book I was thinking about!

How does your writing process work?

Normally I get hooked on an idea and set about doing a bit of planning. More often than not I get so excited that I *think* I’ve done enough planning and launch into writing, only to find that between the 5,000-10,000 word mark I have to stop and do some real fleshing out of the world and characters.

It’s not until I’ve actually done this first bit of writing that I feel like I know the characters and what the story really looks like, so I find I can’t fully plan until I’ve done that first bit. After some planning, I get back to work! The words usually flow pretty well, with one or two stumbling blocks along the way, and then I typically rush through the end and stare at the screen thinking ‘is that it?’. Never entirely sure, I save and close the document, then promptly fall into the belief that it’s the worst thing I’ve ever written.

I tend to then avoid reading it for as long as possible, until I get the itch and peek back in. Thankfully, it’s never as dreadful as I suspect, and actually, most of the time I’m pleasantly surprised 🙂

I typically work on something new before diving back in for revisions as I like to get some good distance in order to look at the work with ‘fresh’ eyes. Then after revision, I send it off to betas, after which I jump feet first into editing, taking all their delicious and hilarious commentary on board (seriously, my critters more often than not have me giggling. What can I say? They have a way with words! Even the harshest critiques give me something to smile about).

Eventually, there is a finished product, well, finished enough to send out into the world anyway. Because of the way I work I often have several things on the go at once, and if I ever get stuck, I can jump ship for a little in order to maintain sanity. I generally stay focused on the one thing until it’s through whatever stage it’s currently on though, as it gives me that lovely buzz of feeling like I’ve made progress.

Look for the blog hop to continue next week (or the week after that, if they’re like me) on these sites:

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And Richard Parry, who hasn’t agreed yet but will just have to cope anyway 😉


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