WP_000462Well, I knew this day would come sooner or rather – I’d actually thought it would be sooner. My Kindle keyboard has slipped from this world into the next 🙁 It was a good reading device. The one that bridged that gap between paper and digital books, that got me reading in vast quantities again and made me fall in love with the e-format.
For weeks now it’s been freezing up, crashing and rebooting, and for the last three days I’ve been unable to get any kind of response from it no matter what I tried. I really wish they put more effort into creating sturdy piece of technology, I used to the Best Gaming Keyboards that can handle teenage rage. This is disappointing.
Thankfully, I was able to get a replacement! I put the order through Monday and my new friend arrived today. It’s a lot smaller and I think will take a little adjusting to, but I’m just pleased to have a new device and be able to get back to reading!!! Bring on the books!!!!!!!! I’d have loved to have upgraded to the Paperwhite, but this shiny new Touch will do for now 😉