It’s been a busy day here at home, and I’ve made several attempts at writing a post for the letter D. Everything I try quickly reveals itself to be better suited to other letters though… so, I’m putting those ideas on hold and will talk a little about my doglet, Leeloo.
WP_000457She came into our house 18 months after my old dog died of cancer. I went into it believing I’d never really bond with another dog in the same manner – I mean, Kali was my companion before I met Hubby, before I had kids. We were pack. We shared a bed. I’d drive home from work at lunch time to check in on her and give her some cuddles. She would mourn me any time I was away for a weekend, waiting at the door, ears perking up hopefully any time a car door slammed in the driveway.
You can’t replicate a situation, a relationship. Of course it wasn’t going to be the same.
Leeloo is a very different dog, raised in very different circumstances. A household full of small girls, some of them unpredictable and unruly themselves, she’s always been convinced that everything is a game, so training has been difficult. She’s almost two, and she still won’t come when you call her – not through lack of trying on my part, but mostly because every time I try to train her, one of the girls runs at her and tries to grab her and Leeloo will NOT be tricked. She’s not slow, and she seems to have a long memory. She won’t sit, but when you tell her ‘sit’ she’ll roll over at your feet.
WP_000471However, as difficult and trite as she can be, she’s wrangled her way into my heart in a way I certainly didn’t expect. I know this because I cry when we have to leave her for a weekend, and because I miss her when she decides to sleep by someone else’s bed instead of mine, and because the mat I stand on at my desk is always more comfortable when she’s wrapped around my foot.
She’s not a ‘good’ dog by the conventional standards, but she is definitely one of us. She loves to play, but enjoys quiet time just as much, she’s full of love and adores cuddles,Β and she has ‘cute’ completely mastered. She’s got oodles of personality and I couldn’t be happier that she’s part of our family.