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Kill me now!

As a writer there are so very many mistakes you can make, sometimes you don’t even realize them until after the fact, but without fail every time you discover you’ve done it there is that moment where you want to hide under a rock and beg your writer friends to just kill you then and there because you might never recover from the shame.

(Trust me, you will. We all make mistakes and that’s part of learning.)

I’ve made many in my time.

I’ve forgotten to attach stories.

I’ve sent stories to the wrong markets.

I’ve queried a novel LONG before either it, or I, was ready. (I feel a lot of sympathy for those poor agents who had to read my submission).

Most memorably, I managed to somehow rename my assignment as my novella and submitted that instead of the novella I’d spent months working on for that particular market… The only silver lining was that I ALSO managed to submit my assignment to my lecturer, and I got an excellent grade on it*.

The thing is that all of these things are surmountable. You can make mistakes, as long as you work to fix those errors – find a better way of tracking your submissions, of organizing all your pieces, triple check what you are sending against what is required. Despite this, you can still make mistakes because we all have bad days, but you want to do the best you can as much as possible.

Many markets are actually pretty forgiving (the time I forgot to attach a story, they let me know and I was able to send it in), and I think most places can tell the difference between when you’ve simply missed something in the guidelines and when you’re blatantly disregarding them.

We’re all only human right?

Get out from under that rock, tell your friends to console you, not kill you, and then get back to work.

*I’ve made a deal with myself never to go in for deadlines that occur at similar dates as assignments to prevent that from happening again!


10 thoughts on “Kill me now!”

  1. This philosophy can so easily be applied to other aspects of life too. We are human, we make mistakes. The only important thing is that we learn from them and move on without carrying around a burdening feeling of having failed. We don’t always learn by getting it right ((( hugs )))

  2. wow. i relive all my silly mistakes as read this post. this is such a human post that i can’t help but think maybe there is hope for me and my random moments of oops.

    1. There IS hope. Making mistakes helps us learn, grow, change, adapt. Those are all good things. Always a silver lining 😉 As long as you’re always striving to do better the next time, then there is always hope

  3. Good idea to scatter the deadlines.

    I smiled while reading this, thinking about the first ms I submitted. OMG <– Yep, I just typed that, but it's the only way to accurately express my emotion. I can't tunnel deep enough beneath a rock when I think about that.

    We put one foot in front of the other and keep going.

    Good post. Thanks for sharing.

    Enjoy the rest of the A to Z 🙂

    1. Thanks! So far so good 😉 lol almost halfway, hooray!
      I think just about everyone feels that way about the first MS they submitted. Until you start exposing your writing to the world it can be hard to see your work objectively – at least that’s what I found lol.

      Off to check out your blog, thanks heaps for stopping by!

  4. This is probably why I waste so much time revising and proofing emails 10 times, and after hitting “send,” always go the sent file to see if it really sent and to see if the little paperclip (attachment) is on there. And I’ve still occasionally got people writing back and saying my book (or guest post) wasn’t attached. Gah! Can nothing be simple?
    (following you on WP)
    Lexa Cain’s Blog

    1. Oh how I wish it was simple 😉 Sounds like you’re doing all the right things though!
      Your blog is great! Am enjoying reading through the posts -thanks so much for stopping by

  5. My mistakes aren’t as bad as yours, though they’re equally as embarrassing, to me. I’m still learning how writing works and when I finish my first novel, maybe then I’ll make the mistakes you did. Hopefully not, but we’ll never know. Haha.

    1. lol I am sure you’ll have some interesting mistakes in your future – as do we all! I’m quite sure I’ll make many more in my time 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by.

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