anzacThe 25th of April, Anzac Day, is always a really emotional day for me. This year was the 99nd commemoration of the Anzacs landing on the Gallipoli Peninsula, and I attended with my middle daughter, walking with my Brownie unit in the parade.

I think they all got a little bit of a surprise when I burst into tears at the first note of the Last Post. I guess it’s not that often that the adults responsible for your show that kind of emotion? I explained to them, quietly, that Anzac day is the day I most strongly associate with my Grandfather, who died 13 years ago. He served in WW2, lying about his age to get in. I will never forget him, or his service.

It’s funny, but I get the feeling most of my family feel the same way. The day of his death doesn’t spawn many posts about him on facebook, but every Anzac day I see my aunts, my uncle, my cousins, missing the man who headed our family. He is unforgettable.

For the first year though, I’m aware of how the younger generation just don’t connect with this day of commemoration as much as the older ones of us do. My kids never got a chance to meet my Grandfather because he was gone before they were born. There is not that same emotional impact as it has for me, so I guess it is now my duty to find ways to help them connect and be aware of why it’s important we never forget.


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