GoT-LogoWe’ve had the heater on a bit over the last few days. Winter is on it’s way and the temperatures are lower than pleasant. It feels like Autumn was fleeting; many trees are yet to drop their leaves and yet there is fresh snow on the mountain.
Of course, ‘winter is coming’ has another connotation as well, and it’s with a great sense of achievement that I can finally say I am all caught up on Game of Thrones!! Hubby and I have spent the last 6 weeks catching up – right from mid season one, where he left off watching it the first time around. That’s something like 30 hours of GoT, in less than two months.
It’s been many years since I read the books (and I can’t quite remember where in the series I am up to), but I remember lots of key moments and it has been awesome watching the characters come to life on the screen. I think season three was my favourite so far, and I adored Jamie and Brienne’s banter most of all, coming in just ahead of the Hound and Arya.
I really admire G.R.R. Martin his ability to portray a character as unlikable or ‘bad’, and then find ways to redeem them or show other sides of them which make you actually like them. There are very few evil characters (Joffrey being the primary one!), and I love the complexity and range of characters presented. Very much looking forward to watching them as they come out now, and not having to worry about spoilers!
Do you have a favourite character or pairing? Anything in particular that sticks with you?