I’ve been deep into assignments for the last week – have just yesterday handed in the first, and am attempting to clear my head of culture and counselling, and switch to family therapy. It’s a big shift, actually, and despite having read everything I needed to for the new assignment, do you think I can remember any of it? I think this has confirmed once and for all that as much as I love to call myself a multitasker, when it comes to the big things – assignments, stories, novels – I work far better in a focused approach, tackling one thing at a time.
Academic writing is a lot different to creative writing. I can bang out 500 words of fiction in 10 minutes, but it might take me an hour to do the same on an essay. While there can be a lot of research involved in writing fiction, you never have to stop to make sure you’ve referenced the right source. And the editing! Ack. I find it much easier to let my work flow in fiction, I always fear my academic writing comes across as stilted, though I guess in some ways it’s meant to be that way 😉
I have one week to write this next assignment, and then I get to take a little break from the academic stuff and get back to my novel. I’m seriously looking forward to that, and now, more than ever, pleased that the year is moving quickly and I can count down the months until I’m no longer a student, and writing can take up more time and space in my life.
Bring on October!!