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Tales to Terrify – the Baby Teeth special

Check it out! If you’re into podcasts or prefer listening to your stories rather than reading them, the special Baby Teeth episode of Tales to Terrify can be found here!

My story ‘The Dead Way’ is the last, and Dan Rabarts calls it ‘terminally creepy’ and worth the wait. So get to it!!! I started listening yesterday, but couldn’t get through my own story. I’m torn between being seriously freaking excited (hearing your story read by someone else elevates it to new levels!!) and finally realizing why other people think it’s creepy!!!!! No wonder I’ve been getting some funny looks 😉 

Go on, have a listen. It’s deliciously creepy. 



3 thoughts on “Tales to Terrify – the Baby Teeth special”

  1. I started listening… had to stop so I could go and get a cuppa and get comfy for real – great stories! … got interrupted though, so back to it today. This time I’ll be ready with my cuppa and leave the phone in the other room!

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