Over the weekend I spent some time cleaning out my desk – eradicating all traces of study and making it a writerly space again. So. Good. It all feels a lot better now that I know there are no text books or study guides lurking in there. I tore all my study notes out of the various notebooks/pads I’d scrawled on over this year and discovered some things I hadn’t seen in quite some time.
IMG_20141012_081322125Exhibit A is the beginning of the first draft of my story The Dead Way. Everyone writes their horror stories in pink pen right? You know, I don’t even recall starting the story handwritten. I hardly ever do that, though at times it helps me connect with my story more, and I think The Dead Way is a good example of that paying off.
IMG_20141013_113940794Exhibit B is a deck of The Zombie Survival Guide that my husband gave me. I think I’ve barely had a chance to open the deck, let alone have a good look, so it was awesome to stumble on it again – perfect timing too, what with The Walking Dead starting back tonight 😉
And lastly, there is this. I’m not even sure what it’s called, or what exactly it’s used for. All I know is that it’s from Disneyland and my father brought it home for me that time he was in America and decided he should go and enjoy all the rides he promised he’d one day take us too… Still waiting, Dad!
I’ve been holding onto this for… Jeepers. I’d say 15 years or more. Maybe half my life? It might be the closest I ever get to Disneyland, so I figure it’s worth keeping. But, if anyone knows what I’m meant to be using it for I’d love to hear!! Maybe I can get some mileage out of it 😉