And it’s off to the proofreaders!

Last night I finished the final edit of In the Spirit. GOSH that felt good! I’ve gone through this book countless times now, and it still makes me laugh and smile. I adore Alyssa, and hopefully you’re not so sick of hearing about her by the time the book releases that you’ll still want to read her story!

IMG_20141026_082332658This morning I did something I haven’t in years. I printed off the whole thing. Normally I wouldn’t, but a friend wants to proof it for me (aka: she desperately wants to read it right now and not wait until it’s released), so I thought, hey, why not?? I’ll be dropping that in to her later this morning, and sending out digital copies to my other proofreaders.

It’s all feeling a bit more real now 🙂 How am I going to wait until December 1st to get this out there? I’m so excited about this, folks!!!

Anyway. I still have lots to do. Finalize the cover with my graphic designer, write all the extras a book needs, including a blurb! AND, finish planning book two. I’m going to be writing Alyssa’s next book during November and I’m buzzing about that.

Yes, life is good. And the writing life is even better.


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