Over here in New Zealand it’s the 1st of December, which means NaNo month is finished for the year, and we’re on the countdown to 2015. Well, I am. 2014 has been a long, hard year, and I am really looking forward to a 2015 that’s not so intense. I am sure it will be full of hard work and growth, but the fact that I can do it in my own time is going to be a real blessing.
So, how did November go?
In The Spirit E-Cover_SMALL FINAL_18-11-2014I managed to write a little over 23,000 words. I’d wanted more, but was pleased to surpass my goal of 20,000. What I was planning on being a sequel novella to In The Spirit turned into a full blown novel and will slot nicely into place as the 2nd book in the Kotahi Bay series.
I swear, I’ve changed my publishing timetable so many times over the last few months, but I thinkย things are settled now. So many releases, so much editing – so much awesome fun.
Anyway, back to November. While I wasn’t NaNoing, I was inspired by many of those who were, and making my writing more of a focus in November has helped me re-form the habit. My typing speeds are starting to pick back up again, the ideas are coming faster, and I’m spending a lot of time thinking about story again. It’s pretty awesome.
Big thanks to my writer crew on Twitter, and Lee, who sprinted with me most days on Facebook. There were some days where it was only her gentle nudging that got me to start putting words on the page, and that has gone a long way to getting me back to my writing roots. I’m digging this story, and hoping to have the first draft done by the end of the year.
The other thing November helped me with was figuring out what my days can look like. I think I write best in the mornings, and most of our sprints were then – there was the odd day when I couldn’t get to it until later on, and it was infinitely harder to write then. In the mornings I have more energy and my brain seems to be at it’s creative best. So, I’m hoping to shape my new routines around this. Fresh words in the morning. Editing/critiquing/marketing/other stuff in the afternoons and evenings.
Naturally, this all has to fit in around homeschooling the kids and keeping the house under control, but if I manage to do a bit of each on most days of the week, I am going to be pretty happy. My aim is not to make ridiculous goals for myself. Not to work so hard that I feel stressed all the time, and to enjoy ALL of life, not just one element of it.
Hopefully that all pans out ๐Ÿ˜‰
Due to some confusion about when exactly books go live from pre-order, In The Spirit isn’t officially out yet. Hopefully later on, when December hits the USA.