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Meet Maleficent

A month ago now I purchased a new computer. It is shiny, and beautiful, and weeks later I am still singing it’s praises.

MalI went with the Surface Pro 3 because I wanted something with kick ass battery life, all the laptop power I (personally) need, super portability and fabulous versatility. It ticks everything on that list. And it’s so shiny and pretty and I love it. I’m still finding out all the fantastic ways I can use it, but it’s just superb.

Normally I balk at buying expensive things for myself. I hate spending and my brain keeps saying things like ‘you could get by with something cheaper’ ‘do you really need this?’. I told my brain to shut up. My husband insisted I get the thing I wanted and nothing less, and so off I went. I actually got it at a nicely reduced price, and selected the purple type cover for it. (OMG I have a purple keyboard!!).

Despite a little worry about keyboard stability and potential fumbling around on a smaller one, I really like it. The whole thing being smaller means there is less travel time between keys and I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my carpal tunnel as a result. The screen is simply gorgeous and now whenever I look at my old laptop I can’t help but think it’s huge and ungainly. Mal is sleek and sexy. She is stunning and begs to be touched. I don’t think I could go back to a non touch screen computer now. It is loaded with everything this writer needs for productivity and I adore it.

Which brings me to the name. I asked for suggestions over on my much neglected Facebook page and the lovely Serenity Woods suggested Maleficent. We hadn’t actually seen the most recent incarnation (and, much to my disgust and shock, I’d never seen the original Sleeping Beauty… Don’t worry, I fixed that), so we went and grabbed a copy of the movie and sat down to watch it. The kids loved it, and I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would, so it was decided. Maleficent (Mal for short) would be the name.

I love it. Thanks Serenity!!


6 thoughts on “Meet Maleficent”

  1. Ooooh. Do I feel envy? Yep.

    Me want one too as I desperately need a mobile device for writing, however the smallish key-pad thingy and the price have kept me away.

    How do you find typing those wonderful novels with it?

    1. I LOVE writing on it, it’s beautiful 🙂 I don’t find the keypad to be small – it’s a decent size for typing on, and while I was a bit fumbly initially it didn’t take long to adjust and I type full speed now (with the type pad, I wouldn’t write using the on screen keyboard). It’s super mobile, and the lapability is a lot better than I expected. I use it on my lap nightly when I sit with the kids as they fall asleep. The price made me leery to begin with, until hubby reminded me we paid almost as much for my last laptop and this one is better.

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