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Mid-January update

How is it already the middle of January??? And how has it taken me three days to get around to writing this post? lol

2015 has started out well. So far I have already finished writing the first draft of Alyssa’s novel, finished a round of edits on my next release (more on that later), edited one novel for someone else, and am partway through editing another. Critiqued yet another novel, read several books, spent a lot of time lying on the deck in the sun (reading), swimming in rivers, and hanging out with the kids.

Pretty epic, really.

Despite how busy all of that sounds, I actually feel fairly relaxed. The ‘reading on the deck in the sun’ is a big part of this. I can’t remember the last year when I had time to do this. To just relax and unwind. To disappear into a book – not critique it, not edit it, just enjoy the story. Goodreads would suggest it was 2011, because I read over 100 books that year, and since then it’s been pretty dismal. I’m very much looking forward to reading a lot more books in the months to come. I feel like I’m on holiday, and this is all basically because I’m not studying any more. I knew it was stressing me out, but I had no idea just how much!

Thank goodness I am done with that 😉

I’ve got some exciting stuff coming up in the near future, but will save that for another post! For now, I am off for a bush walk in the rain with a friend.


2 thoughts on “Mid-January update”

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I look at the date and can’t believe it’s the middle of January already. How does time run by so quickly??? Still though it sounds like you are getting alot more done than I am. Not to mention you’re making me exceptionally jealous with all this talk about sitting on the deck and reading in the sun. I miss the sun right now haha all we’ve had for the past 3 months are snow!

    1. Hopefully that means that the sun isn’t too far from coming back for you 😉 Hope the snow lets up at least!!!
      I remember my parents saying that time seems to move faster as you age, and I think there is something to that. I certainly feel time moving a lot more than I used to.
      It’s been a super productive month so far – though more loaded with other peoples work than mine. I’m looking forward to changing that balance in a few months time.

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