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Burn – Cover Reveal

So, next month I’m releasing my second novella!

Burn was originally written a few years ago for a specific market, but due to assignment stress I somehow managed to submit my assignment instead of the novella (thankfully, I ALSO submitted my assignment to my lecturer lol)… It is my grandest stuff up as a writer to date. It gutted me at the time, though I can definitely see the humour in it now 😉

Anyway, it’s a story I love, and I’m super excited to get it out into the world. I know some will say it’s a strange move to publish something so different to my first release, but I love writing in a range of genres, and I want my books to reflect that.

BURN_Final E-cover_JC HART

No parent should outlive their children.  But what if you do?  What if your son’s dying wish is to be burnt in the manner of his people — a people he was taken from as a child?  

Carmel must gather her orphaned grandson and her son’s corpse, and ease her aching bones into the long walk that takes her where she needs to be.  The footsteps of the past nag at her heels as she journeys to once again look upon the face of the Goddess.


8 thoughts on “Burn – Cover Reveal”

  1. Wow that cover looks awesome Cass! It’s so weird to see your name on the bottom of it though, but weird in a good way. I look forward to getting my hands on it.

    1. Glad you got a giggle out of it Emma!! lol it wasn’t until months later, when I got my form rejection, that I realized my error. Oh well – lesson learned 😉

  2. JC, that is a spectacular cover. The cover says “trilogy”? And do not worry about publishing stuff “out of sync” with your previous work. Just write what you want, imho of course.

    1. Thanks Kaden 🙂 I fully intend to write (and publish!) what I love!

      And yes, this is the first of three. They won’t be related, as such, but involving different characters in different stages of life, set in the same world. This is the ‘Crone’ aspect of the triple goddess, and the other two books will be about the Maiden and Mother. They’ll all be novellas, and I am going to bundle them and do a print edition when they are all out.

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