MarchIt took me until the 2nd to realize that it was March already. Where is the year going?? Why is it not still February??
Anyway, Feb was a busy month for me. Despite the fact there was less work involved, I FELT busier. I don’t know why. I guess because school really kicked off for the year in a big way, meaning that the balancing act had to come back into play in a big way. I failed to tread the line as much as I wanted. I slumped a little, struggled to find time for all the things I wanted to do alongside all the things on my ‘must do’ list.
And March is starting out slow. I’ve been sick, and then when I was getting better I managed to get a kick to the face (literally, while rescuing a kid from a tree – it was hilarious, if painful!). I’ve thought to myself far too many times today “Gosh, I feel like I’ve been smacked in the head” before realizing that I HAVE been smacked in the head. Hopefully tomorrow things will be a bit clearer, less painful, and maybe I can get some work done.
But, March? Really? A whole week will pass before I am truly with the month, and that will make it seem even shorter.
Anyway, what did I get done last month? A few more edits, a full pass on The Way the Sky Curves, which is now out with a beta reader before it goes into it’s final round. Burn was released, and I’ve had some really lovely feedback about it that gave me a much needed boost.
This month is more editing (mostly other peoples), lots of planning and outlining as I’m aiming to spend most of April writing, and hopefully the final pass on TWTSC as well.
Hope March is bringing lots of good things for you!! I am going to go lie down and hope that tomorrow is a better day 🙂