IMG_20150307_143226468Book mail!!!
Yesterday I had the absolute joy of receiving a lovely package from my friend and children’s author, Zee Southcombe. I have known her for some time now and have really enjoyed watching her progress as a writer, and seeing how she has thrown herself right into being an Indie author. She’s way more gutsy than I am, and a total inspiration.
IMG_20150307_143255751Anyway. Back to the book. Yesterday I got a copy of her debut release, a wordless picture book entitled “What Stars Are Made Of”¬†along with some extra goodies. Zee is multi-talented, as she is not only a writer, but an artist as well (yup, totally jealous. One day my skills will improve!).
There is nothing I love more than having signed copies of my friends work. When I get a bookshelf I’m going to proudly display them all on a special shelf.
If you’re in Auckland, or happen to be there on the 21st of March you should check out the book launch for her second release “The Caretaker of Imagination”. It’s got pirates! You can find more details about the launch here.