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New Office

IMG_20150319_154936924_HDROver the last few days I’ve been moving all my stuff into a new office space. After much thought, I decided I was going to steal half the kids playroom for myself – until now I haven’t had a dedicated space for ME, and it’s always bugged me. Admittedly, I’m still sharing the space, but I should have a folding screen soon that I can shut myself behind, and at the very least, I can kick them out of the room when necessary 😉

IMG_20150320_105445415More importantly though is that I now have a space for my ‘stuff’.

Hubby is a very minimalist person. As long as he’s got his computer, somewhere to sleep, and his clothes, he’s set. I, however, have managed to collect and horde things from my lifespan. Things that have primarily been sitting in boxes and shelves, or squished in where possible because most of the space in the house is kid stuff, or home school stuff, or tech stuff.

IMG_20150319_155602355_HDRNow I have somewhere to put all my things, and it’s been like rediscovering little pieces of me that I’ve packed away. My Flippy toy. Candle holders. I’ve even brought in my cacti to keep me company. I have so much space that I no longer have to have a desk cluttered with everything. What??!

Anyway, it’IMG_20150320_110533008_HDRs still a work in progress. That’s totally fine by me. I need to hang the curtains back up to help keep the room warm in the coming months, but for right now, I couldn’t be happier.

Even if the children are all still wanting to be in the same room as me… Hey, at least we’re hanging in MY space, right? And that chair is 100% perfect for reading stories in 🙂


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