Hello!! So here we are at the beginning of the A-Z challenge. Because I am releasing book one in my Kotahi Bay series this month, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give you the A-Z of Kotahi Bay. I hope you enjoy!
The very first book I released was about Alyssa. She’s a fairly forthright girl, with an out of whack verbal filter, who drinks too mIn The Spirit E-Cover_SMALL FINAL_18-11-2014uch, swears too much, and has a tendency to ignore the things going on around her because it makes life easier.

“This won’t take long.” He put up a hand to stop her. “Your grandmother left something for your eyes only, and I didn’t feel it wise to give it to you in front of the rest of your family. They were rather more…”
“Obnoxious? Pushy? Aggressive? Asshβ€””
“Yes.” He cut her off. “All of those things. Your grandmother was a well-loved member of the town, so it was surprising to find so many of her family were just…”
“Rude. You don’t have to tell me about it. I’m one of them, remember? Have had to deal with it my entire life.”

Well, at least until one of those things is a ghost that her dead grandmother told her to keep secure. Which, naturally, she neglected to do…
Alyssa was so much fun to write that after working on In The SpiritΒ – which was meant to stand alone with no connections to the main Kotahi Bay series – I decided I needed to write more of her. This proved problematic, because I had to then work backwards and sideways to place where she would be in the Bay at the time of the other events. Initially I was going to give Alyssa her own series of novellas, but then I had a stroke of genius and figured out how I could place her into the main series. Book 3 (currently untitled) is all about Alyssa and what comes next for her in the Bay. I can’t wait to release it, though it’s still a few books down the line at the moment. I have a complete first draft of that one, and it’s a goodie πŸ˜‰