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D is for Demigods

One of the things I’ve kept fairly close to my chest about Kotahi Bay is that it is home to several children of gods. Maori gods, that is. In fact, one of each pair of main characters in each book is a demigod – though some of them don’t know they are, others have known for either most of their lifetime, or at least a good chunk of it.

This creates some interesting tension as various characters get used to this new knowledge, or find out what the point of their abilities is, and how they can interact to resolve the larger problems of their community. It’s been really neat for me to delve into my Maori heritage a little, and re-imagine how our world might operate.


3 thoughts on “D is for Demigods”

  1. Ooh interesting! I don’t know a lot about Maori mythology, but I understand the dynamics are as complex as the Greek and Roman gods are. More excited to read your next book now. đŸ™‚

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