Intimacy is often a word we associate with sex, but that is not the only meaning it has. It can be the intimacy between friends who know each other well, that comfort and security of a beloved family member or pet. There are those kinds of intimacy in my books.
There is also sex.*
It wasn’t intentional, not to begin with, but then it happened and before I knew it, I had characters stripping off and baring all. I’ve toned it back a notch from then, but if¬†intimacy of a sexual nature is not your thing? Well, then I can recommend some other fantastic, sex free books for you if you’d like!
One thing I love to explore with my writing is relationships though. And intimacy – across the full range, be it intense looks, hand holding, kissing, or the whole hog – happens in relationships. Person meets person. Sparks go off. Of course they are going to end up kissing and if they are both adults who swing that way, maybe more.
Sometimes sex is not intimate though, not for some people. Sometimes there are things that can be shared that go above and beyond the closeness of flesh against flesh. And I write about that too.
*In The Spirit will be the only planned book that’s totally free of it.¬†