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K for Kotahi Bay

Kotahi Bay. Where is it? Is it a real town? What does it mean?

Well, no, it’s not a real town, not outside of my head and my books anyway. It’s a mishmash of places I have known and loved, or loved to hate. It’s a hidden town, really, on the West Coast of the North Island of New Zealand. Maybe around the coast from where I live, maybe further up. But it’s on the seaside, and no major roads go through it. It’s out of the way, the kind of place people don’t find unless they know it’s there.

And the name? I thought long and hard about what to name my town. Whether I should use a real location, or invent my own. Ultimately, I decided fiction was better in this case, especially considering the foundation of my stories. Ko roughly translates to a location in time or space, and tahi is the Maori word for one. And Kotahi can mean unity. The Bay IS united, it’s a place where people, demigods, other magical creatures live alongside each other and are united in the purpose of protecting themselves and the town.

Because it’s a special place. A place that other people want to destroy. In the world of my series it is the birth place of the Maori gods.


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