A-Z challenge, Characters, Kotahi Bay

S is for Samantha

SamanthaWe’re back in Kotahi today after a little deviation from the plan yesterday! And you’re about to meet one of the other long standing residents of the Bay. Samantha is the only character who is made mention of in every single book planned to date. I don’t think she is mentioned by name in In The Spirit, but the shop where Alyssa takes her grandmothers belongings to sell off is Sam’s.

She is probably the most calm and together local that you’ll meet. Always there for wise words and advice. Supportive, encouraging, helpful, kind. I adore Samantha, and I think she embodies many of the qualities I like to think I have myself. That said, she’s a lot more together than I am 😉 At least, at the beginning of the series!

While Sam plays a secondary role in the majority of the books, the final book of the series is all about her. I have her story firmly entrenched in my mind and am looking forward to writing it in the near future.


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