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Monday check-in

It’s been a week since I declared that it was time to get serious. Part of that process was figuring out what my week generally looks like, which days are the ‘good’ ones for working, and which ones the not so good. Mondays are pretty busy with home school activities, so it seemed like a good day to peg for a blog post and other administrative kind of tasks. I figured I’d make Monday a check in day, and then if anything else crops up that seems interesting or relevant, I can post that when it happens!

So, how am I doing? Pretty good actually! I enjoyed the task of getting organized more than I thought I would, and after freaking out about how little time I have I did something I should have to begin with*. Counted the chapters in Sun-Touched. The number is 25. When I looked at it like that I realized if I edit 5 chapters a week, I can stay on track. I achieved this within the first three days of last week – that said, those chapters had been pretty heavily edited in the past. The more in-depth edits happen a little further into the book. This works well for me though because it’s started me off feeling successful and like I can do this! I CAN do this.

I also finished the last round of edits on Catherine Mede’s next novel, started working on M.W. Griffith‘s next novel, and made some progress on a crit that I am doing at the moment. As well as, you know, house stuff and kid stuff and wife stuff. So much stuff.

A couple of weeks ago I did an interview which was posted up over at SONZA, and which I completely neglected to mention. So, if you want to give that a read, you can find the link here. I’m waiting on a guest post to go up at another site as well, but will post when that happens πŸ™‚

All in all, I’m feeling pretty good about where I am at. Things are happening. I’m making progress. I’m still wasting an awful lot of time though and am going to work on cutting those things out.

And now I must prep for the day! So I will leave you with a pic of my coffee this morning. My coffee loves me.


*I really need to make a list of these ‘things that work’ because I seem to forget!! *adds it to the to-do list*


3 thoughts on “Monday check-in”

    1. Feel free!!! I felt like I needed some kind of regularity about it – if I know in advance when I am blogging, and it’s fairly low pressure, I will think of something to say lol

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