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The Curse of Superwoman

I ummed and ahhed about whether to post the link to this piece, mostly because it’s kinda personal, and left me feeling a little raw, if empowered. As those who have been reading my blog for a while probably know, I’ve been doing some soul searching, some rediscovering of my roots, some mining of my past and present in order to be more ‘me’. (for reminders, see here and here.) Those two posts don’t really capture everything, but basically, last year broke me, and this year I am working on putting myself back together – but not the ‘me’ that I feel like everyone expects, a more real and authentic ‘me’.

I know that’s not something some people struggle with, but I have. And so when the lovely, inspiring and soulful Beth Morey tagged me in a post asking for some guest bloggers while she took a break from the web after the birth of her delightful wee babe, I jumped at the chance. Beth always blows me away with her beautiful writing, and I wasn’t sure what I could bring to the table – but I wanted to challenge myself, to dig deep and be open, and so that is what I did.

So, click here and take a read if you want to, if it’s not up your alley, then that’s cool too.


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