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And the office is no more…

A few months ago I took a step towards claiming some space in the house that was all mine. It was lovely. I obtained a bookshelf from my brother, all my books came out of the boxes under the bed, and it was a really nice space. I had the illusion of privacy when I needed it, and I really made the most of it.

While it lasted.

I think my favourite thing was having a place for all my bits and pieces that have been stashed away for so long. And curling up in my la-z-boy in the mornings with a book and my coffee. Mmm.

My new space
My new space

Anyway. Eldest turned ten. Eldest has matured to the next level and now requires her own space. I can totally understand. I remember being young. However, our house is small and in order to give her that precious space, I’ve had to move my office again. Back into the lounge.

Now, there are some perks to being in the centre of the home. It’s not far to go to get anywhere else in the house. The kids can find me really easily. It’s warm. It’s also frequently noisy. But I can deal with that. I have some excellent headphones that cut out some of the noise and make it a little easier to focus. I am happy with the move, and eldest is REALLY happy to have her own room.

IMG_20150602_124128948And I finally received a package I’ve been waiting for, which went a long way to soften the loss of my office. Recently my go-to bag has begun to break, so a few weeks ago I went searching for a replacement and fell in love with this one. Meow!!! It’s the perfect size for my SP3 and everything else I need. ❤


7 thoughts on “And the office is no more…”

    1. Yeah, she is so happy – PLUS we now have 2 spare beds!!! We’re already having our first sleepover lol.
      I love the bag too. It’s so cool. The inside is lined with blue ❤ so much. I am surrounding myself with things I love.

  1. I remember (oh so long ago!) When I finally got my own bedroom. I think I was around ten too. It was a small narrow room with just enough space for a single bed, wardrobe and desk… And I LOVED it. Used to spend hours locked inside playing…

    1. Yeah 🙂 I can see she’s really going to benefit from it, and the other two benefit from having more space in their room too! Everyone is happier and bed times are suddenly smoother.

  2. Love that you’ve found a new place and the bag is adorable! I should take a page from you and dedicate a place for me to work. When I used to have a home office (for my day job and writing) I got so much more done.

    1. I think it makes a difference. For so long I worked at the dining table, and was always packing stuff away and bringing it back out. I ❤ my standing desk, and having all my stuff in the one place. This is all I need. Just a corner that is mine

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