I have a confession to make.

I’m REALLY struggling to start writing this book. I have… well, just shy of 500 words. Life has been crazy busy lately, though that is only a portion of the problem. The real problem is that I’ve changed as a writer. I’ve spent SO much time revising and editing in the last year – not just my own work, but others as well – that I am finding it really hard to let go of my desire to write the right words.

I keep trying to tell myself ‘first drafts are always shit’, but it’s not enough. Not this time. I’ve got to find a way to break through that barrier, and currently I am trying to just by putting words on the page. It’s fairly slow, and painstaking, but I can feel something. I think I’m close to the edge now, that place where you stop trying and the story just starts to happen. At least, I really hope I am.

Writing a sequel to something that is already published is a new thing for me, and it comes with its own pressures. I know there are readers who loved Burn, and I want Smoulder (yes, it now has a title!) to be as good as Burn was. I want to satisfy those readers. I want to do the story justice. I’ll have a goddess breathing fire down my back if I don’t 😉

This is a good lesson though. Don’t take too long between writing a new first draft, it’s way hard to get back into that groove. Find ways to take the pressure off and focus on the story and the love of your craft. I am still working on that, but I hope I’ll get there soon.


2 thoughts on “Stumped”

  1. You’ll get there, I have no doubts! I completely understand getting out of the groove. With school and work occupying the bulk of my time I am having trouble getting in the groove of accepting or denying my edits and just getting this book done and shipped off into the great big world.

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