So, I fell down a pit. 
It was a slow fall, but a fall none the less. I think it actually started weeks ago, but it wasn’t until just last week that I really realized it. Or rather – acknowledged it. I got myself to the Dr asap and he’s kindly increased my meds, to which I am one again doing the adjustment thing. If you’ve taken anti depressants, you know how this goes…
Anyway, some stuff happened in the last few weeks that I completely failed to mention, so here we go on a quick update post!
IMG_20150921_155714341_HDRA) I moved back into my office. Here’s hoping it’s the last move for six months? It would be good if I could stay in one place for that long! lol After a few months of having her own room but sleeping every night in the bottom bunk of her sisters’ room, Eldest decided to just move back in there, allowing me to have a space to myself again. Which is lovely. I’ve left my big book case in the lounge and put all the kids books on it too, and moved this smaller one into the office for my stock and other bits and pieces. So far, so good. Loving it.
B) I threw out those few hundred words I had written on Smoulder, re-planned it, and started to rewrite. It’s sitting at 4k words, though I haven’t touched it since last Wednesday when I fell all the way down that pit I mentioned. It’s not titled ‘Flare’, and I’m hoping to get back to work on it really soon. The story is flowing really well.
C) I read a really good book called For Love or Money which gave me some excellent insights into writing for the market and ways in which I can better write books that might earn more money. I really like the authors approach, and gelled with a lot of the things she said, but most importantly it enabled me to see the ways in which my current series don’t quite hit their markets, and ways I can write things I love which will also potentially earn better for me further down the line. This is especially good as my husband has accepted a new position at his workplace and it means we’re going to be losing some income – excellent incentive for me to actually, you know, market/promote my work and TRY to sell some books.
D) I went to see the lovely Nalini Singh at the Whanganui Literary Festival in the weekend with my mother in law. I really enjoyed listening to her answer the questions posed to her, but I also came away with more confirmation that actually, I do know my stuff, and I AM an author. The more I see other authors speak, the more I can see our commonalities, and it’s kind of awesome.
E) Finally, last but not least, the debut edition of Capricious launched today and you should totally check it out. The first issue is free to read, so get in there! Andi is an excellent editor, and really knows their stuff, and the names I do recognize are amazing story tellers. I’ll be diving in shortly myself.
Oh, also, LESS THAN TWO WEEKS UNTIL BOOK FEST!! I am awfully excited about that.
Hope life is treating you kindly right now 🙂