New Zealand book week, NZ Book Week

Happy New Zealand Book Week!!

book weekHey folks, over here in New Zealand we’re celebrating New Zealand books! I love this time of year as it means I get to shine some light on some awesome fellow authors, and ensure that I’m reading plenty of homegrown goodies.

This year I’ve picked ‘Wake’ by Elizabeth Knox. It’s been on my to-read list for a long time now, and seeing as we’re coming up to Halloween it seemed like a good pick 😉

I’ve also put together a little bundle of my books. Well, not little. ALL the books I currently have published! For a mere $5 NZD you can pick up In the Spirit, The Way the Sky Curves, Sun Touched, and Burn! If you’ve been waiting to give my stuff a try, then now is a great time to do that. The special will be for this week only!

Head over here to pick it up: NZ Book Week Bundle.

Anyway, over the week I am going to post about some other NZ authors who I think you might like to check out. If you’re interested in anything in particular, let me know in the comments – what kinds of books are you looking to add to your reading list?


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