So, you remember about six weeks ago when I moved back into my old office space and hoped that it would be the last move for six months or so?
Didn’t happen.
deskDuring this last weekend we had a party/BBQ/slumber party for my middle daughters birthday and having all those people in the house clarified a few things for me.
A) I do not want to have to perch around the dining table in order to talk with my friends in a relatively quiet space
B) the lounge was lost to us anyway – the children had claimed it as theirs a long time ago, and it was time to concede defeat
C) our eldest really does need her own space where she can shut the littles out.
Which lead to me waking in the middle of Sunday night with a BRILLIANT IDEA to rearrange basically the entire house…
A task I began, and finished, on Monday. My old office is once again my eldest’s bedroom, and the lounge is now bedroom to the two youngest. Bedroom/kids area, anyway. One bed is a trundler, which we can tuck away during the day so they have more space. Eldest has the door open between the rooms during the night so that she doesn’t feel alone, and everyone is happy.
loungeWhich leaves me with the kids old bedroom. AH, bliss. It is now the ‘quiet lounge/office’. I have all my writerly stuff in here as well as a couch and a couple of other chairs, and my bookshelf. And a coffee table. And no devices aside from my computer. I still need to retrain the kids, but so far, they are doing really well. They can read or draw in here, or talk, but not yell. There is no running or jumping, just quiet play. They have their wing now, and I have a place that is not filled with noise.
I have needed this for a really long time, but I wasn’t sure how to get it. Giving up the lounge room of the house might be a slightly odd move, but it’s what works for us for now.
And maybe this time, I can stay put for six months… /knocks on wood