2016-02-03 09.18.27

Here is an unrelated picture, simply because all blog posts should have pictures. I took this the other day and it made something I don’t like (agapanthus) into something I do. WIN!

Seeing as February is the month of love (well, for some people, I’m not really a Valentines person, though I do love celebrating my wedding anniversary which is this month!), I thought it would be the perfect time to bring a little gratitude and joy to my blog. I’m trying to incorporate this more into my life and have definitely noticed that it’s easier to be grateful for things the more that I do it – even when life isn’t so great. If you can reach for one thing and feel some genuine gratitude for it, then the world looks like a nicer place.
In saying that, sometimes I’m just grateful for coffee. Like, really grateful. Or chocolate. Where the hell would I be without coffee and chocolate?
Anyway, friend and fellow author, Meryl Stenhouse, suggested I jump aboard her love train this month (okay, that might sound slightly wrong… it’s too hot, I can’t think straight), and I thought, yeah, why not? And then I thought, YES, let’s rock this shit!
So here I am. And what are we going to talk about today? I had hoped to get a video done for you, but that ain’t happening. I’m suffering some pretty major fatigue right now (I’m so grateful for the afternoon nap I got to have yesterday) so that will have to wait. I’m falling back on an old love.
Today, I am in love with words. Well, to be honest, I’m in love with them most of the time, but today, this week, more than normal. You see, I have been struggling hard to re-form my writing habit, but I’ve written something every day for a week now and that feels pretty bloody awesome. While the words don’t feel AMAZING, and I don’t think the story is going to blow anyone’s mind, I am PUTTING WORDS ON THE PAGE, and that in itself is an awesome thing. Not always an easy thing, but an awesome thing.
Because if you love something, you should do it. You should bathe yourself in that thing and just, you know, roll around, lounge in it, as much as you can. Because even if you’re not feeling fabulous, doing that thing? Finding your bliss? Well, it helps. It turns out that if I’m not writing on the regular, I don’t feel like a real person anymore. This is my thing.
Find your thing. And then do your thing. Love it hard, and don’t let anyone, or anything, stop you from enjoying it.