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Friday, I’m in love- on Thursday!

Because I am one of those people who gets all nervous about stuff and goes back and forth and pikes out on occasion, I decided to post tomorrow’s offering today.

I was killing time between getting some groceries and picking up my youngest kids from a friends house, so I parked up at the lookout above their house and enjoyed the wind and rain. And then I thought. Hey! It’s QUIET. Let’s make a video! No prep, no makeup, no filters, no script, no bloody idea what I was doing…

So here it is. One take, spur of the moment.


If you have any suggestions or advice (or requests!), then please do let me know 🙂 I am super noob at this. My eldest has the following to say: turn your phone the other way around! Make lots of videos about cats. POST MORE. Make her (my daughter) famous.


5 thoughts on “Friday, I’m in love- on Thursday!”

    1. Thanks, Elesha 🙂 I have definitely avoided it for a long time, but I have wanted to push myself to do it for a long time as well. This felt like the best way. I am looking forward to doing more! Let me know if you have any suggestions ❤

  1. I loved hearing your voice! I’ve actually been contemplating doing something similar. And I’ve said it before – Love the hair, as one who is constantly changing their hair color I so understand the notion of never going back. Right now it’s as close to normal as it will ever get because we just bleached the crap out of it to set the base for new color.

  2. Aww it’s nice to hear your voice! I’ve done a few vlogs way back when, but none recently. No matter how many times I did it, I felt really silly!

    You’ve kind of made me want to try again although I don’t know what I’d talk about!

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