This week I am going a little different for my love post, and sharing my favourite artist. I came across Jessica Shaw because she is friends with my amazing sister in law, who gave me one of her necklaces and a print as a birthday gift. I went looking at her other stuff, and fell completely in love with her images and have since built quite a collection…
She creates amazing artworks, and then uses them in a whole range of jewellery at Circle of Wolves. Below are a few of the pieces I own, and I am always on the lookout for more. Whenever I wear one of her necklaces I get comments on them, which is awesome because then I have the opportunity to rave about the artist 😉
20160304_112717 (1)
More recently, she has been working on the major arcana for her upcoming tarot card deck, and while I wait patiently for that to be complete, I’ve put an order in for some prints of cards I am in love with. Currently, I only have two prints, Autumn Sprite which my sister gave me, and Persephone (featured image), which I knew I had to have the moment I saw it (these are not from the tarot set, btw).
If you like her stuff, she does ship worldwide – she also gives fantastic tarot and rune readings, and is in general, just a super, lovely, talented woman.