It’s almost ready! I’m uploading the files at the moment and will post the link as soon as I have one.
If you read In the Spirit, then you’re going to love this one – Alyssa is back with a whole new bunch of problems!
In The Earths Embrace_ECover4If she thought the only skeleton in her closet was a ghost, she was dead wrong.
Alyssa’s finally settling into life in Kotahi Bay, and things are good. Mostly. Only, she hasn’t really made any friends. Oh, and people keep insisting that she take over her dead grandmother’s role as the town witch. But if she’s learned anything about her family it’s that magic has a way of warping even the best of them. Alyssa doesn’t want a bar of that so she continues to do what she does best–ignore the problem and hope it goes away–until her best friend Kelly shows up with secrets of her own.
Despite his intimate connection with death, necromancer Brandon needs help or his terminally ill nephew will die. The only way to get the cure is to convince Alyssa to become the town witch, or – worse – raise her grandmother from the grave. He thought he’d put his dark past behind him, but isn’t a life more important?
Can Alyssa and Brandon find a way through the secrets and lies that surround them, or will they doom Kotahi Bay to darkness?