I’m a total introvert and would prefer to stay home, alone, in peace. But that doesn’t mean I don’t need a writer tribe, or that getting together with the people who fit that bill is more refreshing than draining. The right people are a balm, not a poison.

Are you the right person? I need some right peoples.

I need an author tribe.

Over the course of my years as a writer, I’ve had many groups. Some were made of just three of us emailing, some were much bigger and based on different apps or websites, a few have even been in person and that was so lovely and those people are my family now. A few have resulted in what I believe will be lifelong friendships with a wide range of amazing writers/people. (Life is too short to keep the bad eggs, or the ones that bring you down).

But, things change and evolve. Some people drop off the radar for one reason or another, quit writing, change what they are writing, change the frequency with which they write, get so far ahead that there is little relevance in the group for them. There is stagnation and growth, and as can happen with any relationship, sometimes they fall apart.

And that’s okay.

In fact, it’s good. Because change is good, and finding people who are the right fit for where you’re at is important too.

And it feels a little like I’m saying ‘discard those who don’t help you move forward’ and I guess in a sense I am; except those people are still in my life. We’re still friends, just not a ‘group’. I have deep respect for my friends who aren’t moving in the same direction as me. None of us are on the same journey forever, and so when we veer down another path, it can be handy to join a group who is walking that path too, to support each other along the way, to encourage and boost, to kick their butts when they are just being lazy, and know when actually, they need a cyber hug instead of an ass kicking. 

So, I’m on the lookout for new people to come together with. To form a close-knit group, moving in a similar direction, actively working on growing our publications lists, our skills, boosting our careers. But I also want to know about your pets, and how you like your coffee.

I want community, relationships, motivation, kindness, challenges (the fun kind), cheerleading, progress, focus, drive.

If you are interested in the same, then get in touch. We’re using Slack, btw, and the gathering has already begun…