By My Hand

By My Hand, by Nova Blake, is an Urban Fantasy story based in the Winter Court, and is one of many fae books being delivered a chapter at a time to the Fae Bae readers group. But, because you’re here, you can read it too…

I am Nyssa, the Queen’s Assassin. And I’ve been given a mission.

Winter is weakening and no one knows why. Some say it’s because the Summer Court grows in strength, luring our people away with promises of warmth and joy. But we are not a joyless people; we’re just well aware that everything has a time and place. 

And the Queen has decreed that the time and place of half-bloods in the Human realm is over. She’s charged me with ending their lives and ferrying their souls to the Winter Court. 

But the more souls I harvest, the more their human side taints me. I’m changing, and I don’t know what it means for me, or my Queen. 
And then I meet him. 

Only he’s no half-blood. He’s the lost son of Spring – and he’s pissed that I’m decimating his Earthen Court. I wish I could cut his pretty head off his broad shoulders, but he might just turn out to be the bargaining chip I need to save Winter.

Read By My Hand

Head here to read By My Hand. The password is Halfblood (with that capitalisation).