Sekhmet’s Desire

I thought I was hunting Sekhmet, but she might be hunting me.

My name is Never, Seeker extraordinaire.
Or at least I was until I almost got a Prince killed, and now, no one will hire me.
Except for Jacqui Walker, my childhood nemesis. She offered me an olive branch dipped in gold, a way to win back my status. All I have to do is find the missing ankh of Sekhmet.

Never mind that it was lost a century ago. Never mind that others are looking for it too. Or that the Twelve – the very organization she hopes to present it to, the people who rule everything in this world – have asked me to work for them instead.
Torn between two powerful factions, either way I go, I’m screwed. And the closer I get to finding the pieces of the amulet? The louder I can hear the purring in my ears