An idea, I haz it!

Sometimes you get ideas at the strangest times. This probably isn't one of those times. Yesterday morning when Ivy and I were working on one of the modules for her 'Becoming Human' anthropology class, I was struck with the memory of an idea I'd once had. The video had just been giving us information on … Continue reading An idea, I haz it!

And then it was May

It was almost 9am this morning before I realized we'd entered a new month. A bright, shiny new month. I love those. Aren't we lucky to have 12 of them every year? I'm feeling a little silly this morning (in a good way). I have this huge smile on my face and I'm filled with … Continue reading And then it was May

Admission time

I was going to have a great April. I was going to get SO much done. I was going to finish the first draft of Sun-Touched, among other things. And all those high hopes went out the window, pretty quickly! It's been a tough month, with many of my friends and loved ones having some … Continue reading Admission time