I’m up to date with the crits, there are just a few things on my to-do list! Feeling so much better now that I’m making some progress. I’m setting aside time to crit one chapter of Kerryn’s novel a day – there are 11 chapters to go, so I’ll be done well before the end of the month and will have plenty of time to get a plan ready for November.

Can you believe its coming up so fast? This time last year I was hugely pregnant, had terrible swelling in my feet and carpal tunnel in my wrists. Not a whole lot of fun. I was desperately trying to get Ayden finished before Lauren arrived, but didn’t quite manage it as she arrived two and a half weeks early.

This whole 1st birthday thing is making me feel a little sad, those baby days are all but gone, she’s getting so big and mobile and little personish. She’ll be a toddler soon and be moving into a room with her big sister in the next few months… aww. I’m going to miss the baby thing.

Anyways, before I start feeling all sentimental, I’ll change topics!

In order to stop myself from going completely insane, and getting overly frustrated with not making as much progress on Following Faith as I would like (ie: it’s not going to be ready to be put out into the world by the end of the month, I sorely misjudged the time I’d need/time I had available), I’m going to switch back to working on some of the short stories lying around.

There is just never enough time, never.

Okay, better go get the girls sorted, it’s almost time for me to get to work!

The blog post that couldn’t

I started writing a post on Saturday morning…. but, then we did the grout on the tiles, and Mum helped me paint the dining room/back porch area and I never had a chance to get back to it. Sunday rolled around and there was more painting and a morning long catch up with my friends and the kids to distract me from the laptop.

Of course, when I tried to finally finish it off, the internet and phone were dead! It’s just been fixed, apparently my dog chewed through the phone cable underneath the house, causing the outage… well done Kali! It’s completely out of character for her, so I’m trying not to imagine what else might have chewed through them…

Anyways… I had a plan. It was to get through all my crit work so that I could focus on Following Faith. It was a big list, but thanks to a few days of no net, the list is considerably smaller. I have just a few chapters to crit for one person, and um an entire novel to crit for Kerryn.

Yeah, I’m not sure Following Faith is going to make as much progress this month as I would have liked! I know a lot of what needs to happen to it, it’s just a matter of having the time. I did promise to get Kerryn’s novel done before NaNo and I am going to have to make that my main focus for the next few weeks.

On the bright side, I’ve also finished reading Ayden now, and I can start planning Novembers novel. The religious themes are a lot stronger than I thought they were so I am going to have to make some firm decisions about how to resolve all the plot points before NaNo starts. Hopefully I can hash out a good outline before I head into the month – it might very well be the first novel in a month challenge where I’ve had an outline which will be interesting. That said, I am only aiming at the 50K in november and finishing the novel off during December.

Ayden was the novel I tried very hard with not to write a skeleton of a novel, and I can see lots of places where I overcompensated. It’s going to need a lot of fat trimmed from it when I get around to tidying it up, there are some interesting character relationships there that I am also going to need to make decisions on… hmmm yes, a lot of uncertainty! It’s a big task, wrapping up a trilogy, but I think I’m up for the challenge.

Anyways…. From now on, I’m going to try and keep the crit stuff down to a reasonable amount. After Kerryn’s novel I’m not taking anything else on until Ryan gets his novel to me near the start of next year. Hopefully by then I will have wrapped up working on Karen’s, and be through the first book of Gareth’s. We’ll see!

Now, I better get a move on while Lauren naps and Ivy is happy to play. There are still plenty of things to get done and simply not enough time to do them in…

Thank goodness I have the net back though!

Mostly successful weekend

I got most of the things done on the list, and some extras – I didn’t get the paint away the yellow though because the weather was so bad yesterday. We’ve had a massive cold snap and it feels a lot like winter again unfortunately – hopefully it doesn’t last too long! We’re hopefully BBQing for Lauren’s first birthday in a couple of weeks and the weather better be behaving by then!

Anyways… I was in a foul mood yesterday, in part due to home stuff, but also because it had been days since I wanted to write the Johnny kills Ellie scene and I still hadn’t got the chance to! Arg, and then last night I had to leave for dinner at my Mum’s mid murder – very frustrating (I almost took the laptop with me so that I could keep writing it, but decided I wouldn’t be so rude!). Needless to say, I feel a whole lot better now that that little snippet of a story is finished.

So what’s next? I’m going to spend this week reading Following Faith and Ayden, making notes and plans, and then I get to launch into some revision and editing – YAY! I’m really excited to work on Following Faith, and even more excited to put it up here for people to read. Not that it will be everyones cup of tea but oh well, I like the story.

As well as that, I’m going to be sending out my first query letters for Lifelines. Feeling good about that and looking forward to another learning curve. It will be really nice not to be working on it for awhile, thats for sure.

All in all, it’s an exciting time in my writing life right now. Very exciting.

With that said, I better go and finish the housework. Almost time to drop Ivy at preschool and then it’s play time with Lauren for a couple hours… then finally, nap time and I can do my reading/note taking. Oh, bliss.

Can I hold out?

It’s almost October – which means we’re one month from November and National Novel Writing Month.

And I am desperate to start my new project.

Can I wait until November? Will this burning need to get words on the page and finish the story wait?

I really do not know.

I’ve got a bunch of friends who want me to do the challenge with them, and yeah, it would be fun, but I don’t need the challenge to write – I know I am more than capable of getting that many words out in around that much time when I am in my normal writing state. I know that when I’m working on a project I’m writing every day until it’s done (other than for really good reasons). So it’s not like I need the incentive, but there is something joyous about writing with a bunch of other people.

Is that enough to prevent me from starting this next novel before November? I guess we’ll see. I have plenty of things that could distract me from it, but when it comes down to it I can already feel those first paragraphs building in my mind. I can vividly remember the end of the last novel and I know what comes next – despite the fact that it’s been about 10 1/2 months since I finished it and I haven’t looked at it since.

It’s calling to me, and the intensity of that call is only going to build. These characters are chomping at the bit to get in the limelight again….

Ah well, time will tell😉 And if I can’t wait, then sorry friends! lol I’ll still be writing in November, even if it’s not the month I started the novel in😉

5 days left of the month!

Oh man, where has the time gone? I feel like this last year has shot by so fast with all the different things happening in my life. It’s certainly been jam packed, and doesn’t sound like its going to slow down any time soon either.

We had a difficult sleep patch yesterday which meant that in the end I gave up and let her fall asleep on me and wasn’t able to get any revision stuff done. I did read through both the synopsis and the new ending again, and was pleasantly surprised but unable to really do much one handed, I opted to start reading through Branwen again.

It’s so strange jumping back into that world, considering that it was begun more than two years ago now. I can see that my writing has come a long way since then, though the story is still engaging and reasonably well told I am pretty sure that it’s going to need to be completely rewritten. Which is okay, I think it deserves the time and attention to getting it done right. It will be even more interesting reading through the second novel, Ayden, because I was tackling a much larger cast. I can already pick up on the threads that need strengthening and have been pleasantly surprised to find them in place in the first novel when I had no idea that the idea was going to span more than just the one book.

I’m really looking forward to beginning the third novel. Without even looking at book two I remember exactly where I left off and what was to come. I love these characters, and I have such a great time when writing them, nothing else really matters when you have that pure enjoyment in the writing of a story. Ah, it’s going to be a blast, even though some of them won’t make it out alive.

Anyway… that brings us to today! She’s sleeping now and I’ll be getting on with the work very soon. The end of the month is approaching fast, and while I don’t think I’ll be ready to start querying just then, it won’t be long after. So exciting.

Back in business…I think

Lauren is much improved today. I am actually typing with two hands!!!!

And I got the plastering finished this morning, hopefully it’s dry by the time Dad arrives this afternoon and he’ll approve of my work. I’m fairly certain that while I did a great job for a first timer, he’ll end up putting another coat on and tidying it up. Ah well, at least I tried right?

I’m hoping that Lauren has a good sleep in her bed this afternoon so that I can finally get back to the writing stuff. If nothing else, this last half week of not being able to get a lot done has meant I’ve had a break from Lifelines, so I’m expecting the read through to go a lot easier now. It’s set me back a bit timewise, but hey, that’s life😉 I’m really looking forward to finishing it, both so that I can get on with the submission process, and also so that I can start reading Branwen and reaquainting myself with all those characters.

It’s going to be hard reading the first book without making changes, but I think it’s more important to finish the trilogy than to correct things in the first book – who knows what curve balls might come up in the last book that need hinting at in the first? I don’t want to have to rewrite it twice.

Anyway, lunch time at the madhouse. Soon Ivy will be off to preschool for the afternoon and the baby will be sleeping. I am really looking forward to getting into some work.

Ahhhh Monday

Not really my favourite day of the week, but oh well!

We’re all pretty much still sick here, well I am, Lauren is on the mend, Hubby is now sick and home from work for the day, and Ivy is coughing at nights but otherwise she’s fine. Blergh. You know, I think the worst thing about being a Mum is that you don’t get to stay in bed all day when you’re sick. You have to keep on being Mum, and you end up being sick for twice as long as everyone else while Dad’s typically get to stay in bed for a day or two and then feel fantastic and be back off to work.

Anyways, enough whining. Karen has told me that yWriter will read your novel back to you, so I’m going to give that a shot today. It will a) rest my croaky voice and b) hopefully give me a different view on the story as it’s not me reading it. It’ll be interesting if nothing else, and will mean that despite the issues I’m having speaking I can still get on with things.

Aside from this, I’m hoping to get back to Snow White, it’s still August and it would be great to tick it off the list!

I spent yesterday reading The Vector, it’s a really good story, totally hooked me in and I HAD to finish it. It was perfect for this weekend, got my away from Lifelines and gave me some much needed time out from my own writing. It’s important to recharge now and then and I feel like my batteries are sufficiently boosted now. I’m keen to get on with things and for the next couple of weeks it will just be a matter of time management while I try to get the synopsis etc written as well as reading through the first two books of Resurgence and making notes for the third.

Or whatever else happens… I’m open to changes. If I don’t start work on this new novel this month then there is always next. So maybe the short stories will get me in their clutches, or something else that I haven’t forseen just yet.

Anyway… best go and feed the beast (Ivy) she is currently eating us out of house and home, yet another growth spurt, seriously, she’s gonna be the tallest one in the house before we know it.