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Au Contraire 2016

This weekend past I attended my second ever SFF convention. It was a long weekend, full of socializing, sitting in on fascinating panels and discussions, and which for me meant convening my first ever panel (Mythology, with amazing panelists), attending a launch for At the Edge (which has my short story Hope Lies North included), the SJV Awards (where I didn’t win anything), and a closing ceremony (during which I won a prize for having the best-coloured hair – truly impressive, because there were some awesome colours present!).

PhotoGrid_1465124777173I came home sick, but that was expected. It just would have been really nice if I hadn’t begun the weekend sick! lol I had a horrible case of vertigo all weekend, headaches, and a terribly sore tailbone after the first day or so of sitting. Despite the discomfort, I really enjoyed my time away! There were so many great talks, and I got to meet one of my favourite authors – Juliet Marillier. It was almost six years ago that I was geeking out over appearing alongside her in A Foreign Country, so it was really neat to meet her and to find she is just as lovely in person as online.

PhotoGrid_1465511685331I also came home feeling reconnected with the writing community in NZ. To see such a bounty of fantastic authors (who are also fantastic people!), to just hang, to talk story and craft and all the other stuff that goes along with being a writer was really awesome. Pretty much all of my local writing groups collided, and no-one died on impact 😉 New connections were made, old ones strengthened. It’s a beautiful thing.

We also got to make an announcement about LexiCon, but it’s secret squirrel for now! Keep an eye out next week for that one. We’re almost finished lining up our guests of honour and after the weekend we have an abundance of panels to pick from. It finally feels like a real living thing. We all wanted to give Au Contraire it’s time to shine, and it did. It was a great weekend. Now it’s our turn 🙂

Special thanks to all my writing crew for making it the weekend it was. You know who you are!! ❤ MISS YOU!!!


Some things

Random update with a bunch of different things in it! lol are you ready?

1) didn’t finish most of the stuff I wanted to this weekend!

2) did have a good time though 🙂 and am loving where this new short is going.

3) my lovely friend Leigh has signed on over at my review blog. Check out her introduction post! It’s great to have her on board, and I can thank Tales for Canterbury for introducing us – she emailed me not long after the idea arose and has been a wonderful source of encouragement ever since.

4) speaking of Tales. We have the cover up over at the site now. Check it out! As well as a shiny thermometer on the side in preparation for when pre-orders go up this week, and the first post introducing some of our writers.

5) we’re so close to getting pre-orders up!!!!

6) it’s been sunny pretty much all weekend, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Trying to make the most of the good weather before it starts cooling off.

7) oh and I have an interview to post this week with the wonderful Christopher Ruz who has a short story collection out. Which I shall review tomorrow, on the book blog.

I think that’s about all for now. I’m going to relax with Hubby tonight, eat some ambrosia, have a beer, and watch a movie.

Yes, I may have gone just a little link crazy!