Well, I haven’t managed any writing today, but I did tick a few things off my list – I finished reading Lee’s novel, and I finished hashing out the end of TCM.

It’s not going to end how I thought it would. At all. In fact, for a moment I resisted jotting down what was going to happen. I wanted to fight against it – surely this wasn’t how it would all turn out? But it is, simple as that. No happy ending for my MC, just an ending, and success at achieving her goal even if she doesn’t end up getting what she wants in other ways.

And that’s okay, it’ll be the right ending for the story, just not the one I’d expected. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Now I just have to write the thing, and I have to admit to feeling a bit flat about getting around to that. I’m going to, I want to, but I think I’ve hit that ‘it’s going to be over soon and I’m not quite ready’ phase. You know, the one where you know you won’t be coming back to something for a little while? As much as I do want to be done and back to Lifelines, I’m still a little sad about saying goodbye to Mel and the crew.

Tomorrow, I’m planning on getting a few more things out of the way too: write the review for Lee, get at least 500 words more down on TCM, go over the ending of Birth Rights again and work up some ideas for the SpecFicNZ logo. I downloaded a free programme this evening and can’t wait to play around with it tomorrow! It should be fun.

But right now I have a red cheeked girl to get to bed, and a book to read. I started Otherland by Tad Williams again after putting it down…. gee, 6 years ago? At that time I was reading it out loud to my dyslexic then boyfriend and we both got frustrated – him at the big words I had to explain and me at reading a novel at a pace slower than normal. I thought it was well and truly time to give it another go.


Weekend wrap-up

It wasn’t nearly as productive as I would have liked, but that is just the way things go sometimes. On the bright side, I did manage to tidy the computer room and it’s a much nicer space to be in. Just need to finish a couple of paintings and hang some things on the walls and it’ll be great 🙂

Oh, we’ve kind of started pulling wallpaper in our room. In our defence, it’s peeling at both edges of every single piece, to be honest we’ve done well NOT to peel it before now. It’s been tempting me for a long time and a few days ago I pulled a strip off below the window. Not a single scrap was left on the wall, that’s how badly glued it is. Then today I saw that one of the full length pieces on the other side of the room was just about off….

Oh Husband Dearest? Yeah, he confessed, and then enjoyed pulling the whole sheet off lol I think we’ll give in eventually and have a paper stripping bonanza, but then I guess we will need to pick some paint and put that on the walls, though the white of the board beneath is very light and bright.

Anyways… I was actually going to blog about the writing. I managed 1k on TCM last night and am predicting that the story needs another 10K or so to be complete, so the end of the month is still looking pretty good for finishing.

I did a little more work on Birth Rights today as well and feel like I clarified the things that needed it, and am possibly happy with it, though not the ending, not quite. I hate endings, I’m not good at them, or at least feel I could do a lot better. So I’ll let this one sit for tomorrow and then take another look and see what I can do with it. I don’t want to start submitting it until I feel like I’ve got it right, though it shouldn’t take too much longer – there is certainly a point at which you stop being a writer trying to make sure your work is the best it can be, and a writer who is putting off submitting. I don’t want to cross that line.

Okay, it’s 9.10pm, and while I’m very tired, I think I’ll try and write until half past and then call it a night. At least I’ll feel like I’ve gotten a bit more done this weekend that way, and be closer to ‘the end’.

Speaking of ‘the end’: how many of you actually write those words when you finish writing a story or novel? I don’t… I guess because it’s not really the end, as no doubt there will be other drafts and edits to come.


A do nothing day

That was yesterday, I had all the very best intentions and managed to get nothing done! Lauren didn’t go to sleep until later than normal, and then she slept for a long time (though most of it was on me…), and then spent most of the afternoon waiting for Dad to visit again, he was late, then Lauren fell asleep on me while he was here, and then Hubby got home… and it was time to get Ivy.

The day literally disappeared, and I had nothing to show for it.

Well, other than two more new shinies… gee, the ideas just keep coming! One of them developed rapidly, so now I have most of the short story mapped out in my mind and I think this will be the next one that I write. The other idea is developing into something novel length I feel. We shall see. It’s all simmering away. Lovely.

Now, to those wanting a looksee at the new (hopefully improved) Birth Rights. Yes, when I get something I think I’m happy with, I’ll be sending it through. I’m not very confident in my ability to know whether I’ve actually improved something, or made it worse, so some feedback would certainly be helpful in that area of things 🙂

I’m still hoping to get that done over the weekend, as well as adding some more to TCM, and maybe getting this new short story down – we’ll see how time goes, sometimes weekends are great, and sometimes they are anything but.


Stocking up on shinies

Yesterday, I took a slightly different approach to things. I know I’m meant to be working on finishing up TCM but what I really wanted to do was work on Birth Rights.

So I did.

It still needs a little more work. I want to try a couple of different versions as some suggestions were made and I want to see how they change the overall feel of the story. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I’ll be happy with where it’s at. It didn’t feel like I had done much work though, so when I went to bed early I got Lauren to sleep and made some notes in my phone.

4 new short story ideas! Some of them should be a lot of fun to write, other’s need more thinking time before I am anywhere near ready to write them, but all the same, it’s exciting to have some new ideas, and confidence boosting to know that if I sit down to think up ideas, I’m actually able to get some.

I did actually do a little work on TCM, but because I wanted to. This is a new approach – following my wants rather than a trying to keep my focus on the WIP – and who knows whether it will work or not. I think giving myself a little freedom though, while still sticking to my goals, is going to be a positive thing.

Not sure what today holds, but I’m looking forward to finding out 🙂


Last day of June

Well, it’s been a big month, but we got there in the end! I just have to finish writing the June wrap up for KW, and I’m pretty much done!

I’m looking forward to it being July in the morning, though I have already started on the whole ‘taking it easy’ thing. I’m feeling a lot better already and am really excited to have more time to do my own writing stuff and make some progess.

Initial feedback about my latest short story ‘Birth Rights’ has been positive, much more so than I imagined! So I’m really happy about that. I do have some changes to make but it feels like I’m getting better at the whole short story thing and I’m looking forward to trying my hand at some more.

Oh and tomorrow is the first round of the Chapter One Rewrite Club! I am looking forward to reading through the first chapter of Lord of the Rings and then getting stuck into a rewrite to my own style and tastes. When it’s done, I’ll be posting up my efforts, along with Tama, and Merrilee, who are both playing too. Feel free to join in if you want, the official challenge is up on Kiwiwriters, but you certainly don’t have to be a member to join in 🙂


It didn’t last

At 1958 words, the first draft of my short story ‘Birth Rights’ is complete! So, I am happy to say that the flat feeling disappeared and I plunged ahead with some writing, getting almost 1.5K done for the night. It wasn’t on TCM… but at least this story is finished for now and I can get back to TCM tomorrow without having this story swimming around in my head too.

I’m reasonably happy with it, though who knows how I might feel about it when I read it in the morning! Oh, also, that measn that on day 27 of the month, I have actually written 27,000 words! woo, go me. Pity that almost 2k of that is not actually on TCM… lol will have to see if I can be a good girl and catch up on that over the next few days.

Now, time to sleep, and hopefully I have less trouble than last night.