Reading goal – achieved!

Earlier this year I set myself the goal of reading 75 books for 2011, over at Goodreads. Much to my surprise, I’ve already hit that! Which just means I have to read more, because if I’d had any idea what a huge difference purchasing a Kindle would have on my reading habits, I’d have set it at 100 to begin with.

Looking back over the books I have read so far, I would say there is a good blend. I’ve read childrens, MA, YA, NA (new adult), and adult novels. I’ve read fiction and non-fiction. Horror, fantasy, thriller, romance, paranormal, science fiction, chick lit, other things as well, no doubt, but there are too many to list. Collections of short stories, novellas and novels. As well as novels that were self-published, put out by smaller, medium and big publishers.

This is probably more variety than I have ever experienced before in my life. As a teen I would only read fantasy, and then I branched out and tried some thrillers, and then there was that patch where I was only reading about serial killers… Anyway, there is a world of books out there to consume, and I am doing my best to expose myself to a wide variety – and loving it!

There are only a couple months left to the year now, but I’ll be doing my best to hit 100. I probably have enough books stored on my Kindle to make it through without purchasing/requesting anything else, but it’s just so hard not to add to the pile of books to be read!

How are you doing with your reading this year? Have you noticed any interesting trends?


Productive day

So, I seem to have bounced back into ‘work’ very nicely after two days where I felt like I got a lot of nothing done.

I’ve started using the gmail tasks app and I love it – the little tick, the line through the item you’ve completed, it’s lovely. Makes me feel like I’m accomplishing things (because sometimes just doing stuff doesn’t!).

Today I wrote a review, finished critiquing two chunks of novel for different people, finished all the little stuff on the Collection and emailed it back to Kerryn for double checking, and got some of my own writing done as well. The rest of the stuff on the list is more long term, but I managed to get 6 things ticked off – woo!

I really don’t know how I managed to get so much done, but oh well, means there is less to do tomorrow and I can have some nice relaxation time with Lauren while Ivy is at daycare. She’s been really full on lately, constantly wanting my attention, following me around wherever I go and generally just wanting to be on me any time I have some space free, so I’m looking forward to a few hours where I only have one child wanting that and not two.

I think tomorrow I’m going to blog about what lies ahead, if I can gather enough of the threads that seem to be floating around to make a readable post out of anyways. I can see where it’s all going, but whether I can put it into words will be another matter – I think it would probably help me if I could.


I can taste freedom!

I know it’s probably a strange thing to say, but I can see the end of June approaching rapidly and all I can think is YAY!!!!

As much as I love being a part of Kiwiwriters, being staff, being helpful and getting stuff done, I have totally overdone myself on the site in the last month or so lol. It’s not been nearly as busy as last year in some respects, but I certainly took on more than my share of work (totally on my own steam, no one pressured me, but as most of you probably know I’m prone to saying ‘yes’ too often).

So July is going to see me trying to take a step back, have a little KW holiday and not do much, that said, I did suggest we run a survey to find out the wants/needs of our members and how we’re doing on those fronts… damn me and thinking about stuff!

Anyways. I feel good. The winner’s certificate is done, the Collection is all but done – I just have to wait til all the author bios come back so that I can update the file and then we’re good to go. How lovely to be so close to getting everything done! Actually, now might be the perfect time to look back on this months tasks, and see how I’m doing.

Write the May news for Kiwiwriters – done
Post/email weekly pep talks – done
Audit comments on the klog (kiwiwriters blog) – done
Design winner’s certificate – done
Design cover for the Collection, format the ebook and print versions of the Collection – done
Write a couple of klog posts – done
Put up all the guest klogs – done
Moderate forums – done
Post zing thing challenge – done and I posted The End is Nigh as well
Get 1k a day written on TCM – yes, until I finished the challenge. I’ll be back into it tonight, and have started a short story as well. I’ll still end up with around 30K for the month
Oh motivate people – eh, not sure how well I did this! lol

So, amazingly, I’ve managed to do everything I was meant to, and a little bit extra as well. I’m really looking forward to July, and trying hard not to stack up a bunch of new things to do. I’m going to do Tama’s first chapter challenge, and finish writing TCM and this new untitled short story. Once those things are done I can get into Lifelines and take it easy for a bit. The garden is in need of some love and it’s the perfect time to be getting it ready for planting.